How to Make an Activity Binder for Teens

As promised, here is the post about how to make an activity binder for teens. This one has more advanced puzzles and no coloring pages or hidden pictures or things like that which younger kids enjoy (though there’s no problem with teens doing those things – you can find them in this post!).

There isn’t as much variety in this binder because I printed many pages of the same type of activities. But the sites that I link to have tons of fun things to do!

activity binder for teens

I also included a couple things in this binder that my youngest sister would enjoy doing as well. Since we all enjoy doing them, I left them in this binder.

notebook for mad libs in activity binder

As mentioned in my last post, you can find some fun mad libs here, but we enjoy making our own mad libs. All you need is a notebook and a pencil or pen and your imagination! It’s most fun when you just write down a random story and leave key words blank. I wish I had an example of some of ours, but I don’t. Instructables Living has a great idea to use short stories from old books, or The Inquisitive Mom has a great article about creating your own!

tough mazes by Krazy Dad

These tough mazes by Krazy Dad are really hard and fun at the same time! You can find easier ones and other hard ones here.

intermediate sudoku by Krazy Dad activity pages

These intermediate level Sudoku puzzles can be found at Krazy Dad, too. He’s got lots of great puzzles!

challenging sudoku by Krazy Dad

Challenging Sudoku puzzles – once again from Krazy Dad. You can find even more – some I think are even harder – here!

activity binder challenging word search puzzles

These advanced word searches from usually have 40 words to find in each puzzle. And when you’re done with the puzzle, there’s a hidden message in the remaining letters! There are tons of fun categories. You can also find other hard word searches at The Spruce Crafts. I printed the 50 states and the state capitals puzzles from them. And I printed three each of several of the word searches from both of these places, because my two teenage sisters and I love to race with our word search puzzles and see who can finish first. 🙂

activity binder brain teasers

These Start to Finish brain teasers from Puzzles to Print are HARD. You’ll probably have to look them up – but they do have the solutions in case you want to go the easy route. 😉

logic problems for activity binder
logic puzzles

These logic puzzles are SO FUN. They are hard, but it’s just a process of elimination, and you can really feel your brain working. You can print them in color, but I chose to print them in black and white.

KJV Bible crossword puzzles

I was excited to find these KJV Bible crossword puzzles! I did one on the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea, and I had to pull my Bible out to look up some of the answers. KJV Bible Verses has other fun Bible trivia questions and word searches, too.

I had more USA maps for the license plate game, road trip scavenger hunts, and such like that were in the tween’s activity binder, as well.

Well, that’s about it… I hope that y’all enjoy these as much as we do!

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