How to Make an Activity Binder for Tweens

I say this activity binder is for tweens, but whether you’re 11 or 41 or have a 5-year-old kid, these activities are perfect for long trips–or for if you just want a coloring page or word search to do at home. (Find some more advanced ones here.) Maybe you’re looking for something to keep your kids occupied during the last weeks of summer break. This is by no means an exhaustive list… but there is a lot of fun stuff!

I put all of these activities together in two binders, one for my 9-year-old sister and one for us older girls. With 64 hours on the road ahead of us for vacation this year, I wanted us to at least have something to do during some of the hours – so I researched and found ideas for an activity binder. Warning: lots of pictures and links ahead. 😉

Travel/Activity Binders

These are the finished product. Altogether, they weighed about 5 pounds. (Yes, I weighed them… our van only holds so many pounds and we filled it almost to the max!) It’s a lot of paper. You don’t have to print all of these, of course – just pick and choose to your liking. That’s the wonderful thing about making your own activity binder; you can customize the activities to what you like.

Ashlyn's activity binder

First, I’ll walk you through my youngest sister’s binder. Ashlyn is 9, and I think that most of these puzzles and activities are age appropriate.

Front pocket of activity binder

In the front pocket of Ashlyn’s binder, I put some star stickers and a little notebook (I couldn’t find the one in the picture online, but the one I linked is a really cute one!). I also included a pack of colored pencils (not pictured). You can put other cute stickers (here are some cute animal ones), some pens and pencils, crayons, whatever, maybe in a zippered pencil case. I put things like that in the other binder, which was a 2″ binder, because they didn’t fit in this 1″ binder.

Activity binder tic-tac-toe page from Artsy Fartsy Mama

You can find this cute road trip tic-tac-toe at Artsy Fartsy Mama in this article. I also found Hangman (next picture). Put these in a clear page protector and pack a dry erase marker, and you can play these games over and over again.

Hangman activity page from Artsy Fartsy Mama
Activity binder map page from Mr. Printables

You can use this cute map for several purposes, such as mapping out your route or coloring in states you’ve been through. I found it at Mr. Printables. What we used it for, though, was the license plate game. How you play it is simple: just color in (or mark with a sticker or something) each new state as you find it on a license plate. When we traveled to Maine about ten or twelve years ago, I think we found all the states except Alaska and maybe a couple others. We even found Hawaii! We did drive through New York City, so we got a ton from there.

Scavenger hunt from Carla Schauer Studio

This is such a fun road trip scavenger hunt! I found a lot of them in just a few days. I printed it in black and white to save ink in our printer, but you can print it in color. You can find this one for tweens at Carla Schauer Studio. She also has another website, Meander and Coast, where you can find another scavenger hunt for teens.

All Kids Network hidden pictures

I used to love doing hidden pictures activities when I was younger, and I still do sometimes. 🙂 All Kids Network has some adorable ones!

Activity binder coloring page from Disney Family

Disney Family has some great coloring pages that look like they came straight from the movies!

Leap coloring page from Super Coloring

And honestly, I was soooo excited to find these coloring pages from Leap, plus some other ones. I got some from Bambi, more from Cinderella, a couple from Tangled, and even one from How to Train Your Dragon! Super Coloring is where I found these, and it has some other great coloring sheets too.

Activity binder Mad Libs page from Woo Jr

Who loves Mad Libs? I know that my sisters and I do. These cute ones from Woo Jr are super fun. I printed some from the summer ones, travel ones, and historical ones.

Activity binder page from Puzzles to Print

I don’t know if the girls have done these yet, but they look like a lot of fun. You can find them at Puzzles to Print. They even have the solutions if you can’t figure them out! 😉

Sudoku activity from Krazy Dad

I’m not sure how hard these Sudoku puzzles are for Ashlyn. They’re the easiest ones that Krazy Dad has. He has a page of hints for the order in which to solve the puzzle, and also the solutions.

Activity binder for tweens word search from

Annd… my favorite! Word searches. These ones from are perfect for younger ones because they’re all about children’s fairy tales and fun stuff that they can relate to, like breakfast and birds. (There isn’t a print button when you download these, but just click CTRL+P and they print right out!)

Well, I was gonna do a post with both binders, but just this one filled it up pretty quick. So, go read about the activity binder for teens here! 🙂

Ashlyn checking out her activity binder
Ashlyn checking out her travel binder

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