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Hi! I’m Rachel. I believe that God has called me to help and encourage other people. On this blog, I’ll be sharing what makes me “me,” but I also want to help you grow in who God created you to be. God has planted you where you are for a specific purpose, and I want to encourage you to bloom where He has planted you – even if it’s just in the “mundane everyday” of life.

This blog is for anyone who is looking for encouragement in their relationship with Christ. I don’t have the Christian walk down by ANY means, but I want to share what God has been teaching me in the hope that you’ll be able to walk away with something that has made you smile, encouraged you, inspired you, or challenged you.

A little bit more about me personally: I guess you could call me a jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none (or jill-of-all-trades; whatever the girl version is 😉 ), or a dabbler. My business is making and selling crocheted home decor, my hobby is hand lettering (among many others that I pick up now and then), and my passion is helping people – here, I hope to do that through organization and budgeting tips, inspirational articles, and other things.

I am always available if you want to chat. Email me, drop a comment, connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. Think of it as a virtual coffee date. 😉 Want to know what God’s been laying on my heart to share with you? Click on the “Thoughts” tab to see all of my inspirational posts.

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